Best Organic Chemistry Model Kit

Best Organic Chemistry Model Kit

To understand how to choose the best organic chemistry model kit, we have to grasp the concept itself.  Organic chemistry is the study of compounds that contain carbon, their structure, properties and how they react to different stimuli. It is not just about natural compounds, but also man-made ones, designed by humans. There are various subdivisions of organic chemistry and these include the pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food, and paint.

The best kits come with color-coded atoms that follow the universal standard pattern. For instance, oxygen is always red and carbon is invariably black. The pieces need to be well constructed and made to last since you or your child will be creating and dismantling molecular structures all the time. To help you with your purchase, we researched and found the best organic chemistry kits for you!

Best Organic Chemistry Model Kits

Old Nobby Organic Chemistry Model Kit

Organic Chemistry Model Kit (239 Pieces) - Molecular Model Student or Teacher Pack with Atoms, Bonds and Instructional Guide

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This kit is by far the most popular and well-loved set on the market today. The reason for that is mainly the very competitive price, the great value, and its durability, lasting quite a long time. Everything you should expect from a kit is here, including 239 pieces, various atoms of differing colors and bonds.

This set comes with a beautifully clear instruction guide that shows the formation of various molecules to get you started, as well as a link remover for easy deconstruction when you are finished.

Atomic Architect Molecular Model Kit (240 Pieces)

Molecular Model Kit Biochemistry (240 Pieces) - Chemistry Organic and Inorganic Modeling Students Set

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This kit by Atomic Architect is another classic that is very well regarded in the chemistry world. It is designed for balancing chemical equations and advanced science learning and great for making organic structures, cyclic compounds, and biology models too.

Thrown in for good measure is a protective carry case made from high-quality durable materials, so your kit will last a lifetime.

Organic Chemistry Student Molecular Model Kit by Molecularity 200 + Pieces

Organic Chemistry Student Molecular Model Kit by Molecularity 200 + Pieces

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This modern set by Molecularity is a uniquely designed piece of kit that comes packaged in a cool looking hexagonal protective case. This makes it very small and very compact and perfect for fitting into your backpack to take to and from school or college.

This kit has been specifically designed by an organic chemistry professor, making it ideal for learning. The manual, instead of being separated, is included on the sides of the case. It is by no means extensive in what it shows compared to other manuals, but it is good for young learners who lose things easily. 

Dalton Labs Molecular Model Kit with Molecule Modeling Software

Dalton Labs Molecular Model Kit with Molecule Modeling Software and User Guide - Organic, Inorganic Chemistry Set for Building Molecules 306 Pcs Advanced Chem Biochemistry Student Edition

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This set by Dalton Labs is one that caught our eye immediately. It is very unique in that it has its very own software app. This app is fully interactive and has 3d modeling software so that you can recreate what you have built in real life. It is ideal for ages 7 up to the university level and that makes it very versatile.

There are 306 pieces in total in this kit, and it also comes with a portable and durable case to keep all your pieces together. This product was manufactured in the USA and you can tell that the materials used will be durable for many years to come.

Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Model Kit (239) Brisk Learner

Brisk Learner Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Model Kit (240pcs) - Free A5 Organic Chemistry Stencil & 10 Pages Learning Booklet - Perfect for Ochem 1, 2; Premed Students

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This set is designed by Brisk Learner and is aimed at all levels and ages, it is a tool that is great for students as well as teachers. It uses the universal language of color-coded atomic balls and has over 240 pieces in total. This model is built to last, with a high gloss finish to the parts that will survive and accidents that may happen – no scratching here.

The case is very slim and features a secure closing that won’t open in your bag. As standard, this set comes with 2 detailed instructional guides, aimed at both high school and upper elementary level. This is one of the best organic chemistry model kits to get if you also want to study inorganic chemistry since it contains both types of molecules. 

Armyte Chemistry Molecular Model

Organic Chemistry Model Kit (307 PCS) – Armyte Chemistry Molecular Model for Teacher Student and Young People Academic Chemistry Education, Pack with Atoms, Bonds, Electron Orbital (Colorful)

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The Armyte organic set can help learners understand the three dimensions of atoms and molecules that would otherwise be hard to see. One of the most complete and precise chemistry models out there today, it includes 307 pieces in total and 126 different atoms as well as electron cloud orbitals and disassembling tools.

The electron orbital kit allows students and teachers to explore more advanced chemistry knowledge, good for those who want to challenge themselves further. The atoms are made from Polypropylene, which is a super durable material and perfect for bending repeatedly without breaking.

Optic Minds – Molecular Chemistry Model Kit

Optic Minds 239 piece - Organic Chemistry Model Kit - Molecular Model Kit - for Teachers and Students - Ball and Stick Model Organic Chemistry

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This set by Optic Minds comes in a neat little package and is super portable and versatile. They have added a free carry bag, with a neat and tidy drawstring top so that you can transport the set too and from school or your place of work.

There is a brand new smart box design with easy storage compartments and clasps that will always stay shut when intended so no dropping pieces everywhere.

In addition to all this lovely stuff, you also get a free periodic table, showing every element and a detailed step by step instruction manual. Finally, a useful link remover is included to aid in dismantling your builds without breaking the pieces.

Linktor Chemistry Molecular Model Kit (440 Pieces)

LINKTOR Chemistry Molecular Model Kit (444 Pieces), Student or Teacher Set for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Learning, Motivate Enthusiasm for Learning and Raising Space Imagination, A Fullerene Set

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This kit by Linktor is huge! It contains a massive number of 440 pieces in total. This is great for people with advanced learning needs to explore chemistry more deeply, making it the best organic chemistry model kit for university students. 

It is not the best for someone who needs to take their model to and from school or work, however, as it is not the most portable. Again, it follows the universal standard for atom model colors so you do not need to worry there.

You will also be the beneficiary of a fantastic 100% money-back guarantee if you are in any way dissatisfied with the product. Finally, you also get a detailed guide to all the pieces in the set and secure storage case for safekeeping.

Swpeet 122 Pcs Organic Chemistry Molecular Model

Swpeet 122 Pcs Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Student and Teacher Kit, Molecular Model Set for Inorganic & Organic Chemistry - 59 Atoms & 62 Links & 1 Short Link Remover Tool

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This set by the company Swpeet features a total of 122 pieces. Each piece is very brightly colored and shines with a nice glossy finish. This makes this set ideal for young learners whose attention span is not fully formed yet. The materials used are also very durable so they will be able to withstand a lot of rough play.

Assembly is quick and easy and many can be connected without making your fingers hurt. Included in the package is a slim and convenient storage box perfect for placing out of sight when the kit is not in use.

How to Buy the Best Organic Chemistry Model Kit

The goal – An organic chemistry model kit’s main goal is to be a learning and teaching aid and help in the visualization of molecular structures, on a much larger scale. These kits are used most by students in high school and college.

They are also popular with science teachers and lecturers. The average kit will include atoms of various color codes, with stick-like bonds to hold them together. The final aim is to build structures to represent molecules. These pieces will come in a storage box, and this box will have neat little compartments to make sure the pieces are safe from being lost.

There will also be an instruction booklet that will explain how everything works and describe the color codes. The most common elements that are in these kits are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, and hydrogen but most will have many more as well.

The pieces – The common ball and stick organic model is very easy to build. This is because they are very logical and universally color-coded. In these kits, the atoms are represented by colored balls and the bonds are sticks. The bonds come in different lengths and shapes to represent single, double or triple bonds.

The kits will come in a variety of different sizes with different numbers of pieces. The kits with fewer pieces are more suited to beginners and young learners while the more pieces are best for advanced users like college students and teachers.

Avoid – Be careful about the type of kit you buy. If you are studying organic chemistry then you need to make sure the kit you purchase is not made from inorganic chemistry instead. Instruction manuals and color charts are also a must in our view.

Any kit worth its salt will have these packaged in. If possible avoid the space-filling model kits. These kits have larger atoms and smaller bonds making them attach closer together. They are not very versatile and their only purpose is for permanent displays, and not active learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the organic chemistry model kit?

Organic chemistry model kits are really simple to use. Most kits come with instructions to follow. Basically, each piece has a connector that will join it to another piece. You simply slot these pieces together one by one.

The result depends on the atoms and bonds used in the building. You can create any number of molecules this way. The final build can then be displayed for study purposes, or dismantled and the fun can be had all over again.

Why are organic chemistry model kits important in learning?

These kits are a very useful tool for learners and educators. They aid in the visualization of hard to grasp information in full color and three dimensions. The use of a universal color code also makes them a global language of sorts.

The three-dimensional elements allow learners to touch and rotate them to see how they are built and they are great for reverse engineering molecular structures for better understanding. A model kit is also fun, which aids learning further.

Are organic chemistry model kits just for children?

Absolutely not! As we touched on earlier, these organic model kits are just as useful for adults and teachers as they are for children. Teachers use this often as a teaching aid and scientists take advantage of them in their research.

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