Best Periodic Table Poster

Best Periodic Table Poster

In the not too distant past, the periodic table was simply a few scribbles of element symbols on the reverse of an invitation to a cheese factory. This was done by the legendary Russian chemist and inventor Dmitri Mendeleev.

He was the first to formulate periodic law and the creator of the first periodic table as we understand it today. Since those humble beginnings, the size of the periodic table has advanced enormously and now contains 118 elements in total, from hydrogen to oganesson.

These elements are now most commonly displayed on posters in classrooms and lecture theaters and bedrooms around the world. You may even be considering purchasing one for yourself. Well, we are here to help you. Here are the ten best periodic table posters available in the market today, and their differences.

Best Periodic Table Posters

1. Bigtime Signs 2020 Black Periodic Table of Elements

2021 The Periodic Table of Elements Vinyl Poster - XL Large Jumbo 54 inch Black Banner - Science Chemistry Chart for Teachers, Students, Classroom - Newest 118 Elements

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This periodic table poster by Bigtime Signs is truly something to behold. It is a whopping 54” in size, one of the largest posters we have seen. Its huge size makes it perfect for a classroom environment and as a learning aid for teachers.

It is manufactured using a rugged and glossy vinyl material so it will be able to withstand the rough and tumble of daily use. It features all the current 118 elements and is in full technicolor, making it very attractive to study.

It has four metal ringed holes so that all you need to attach it to the wall is four nails.

2. Periodic Table of Elements Poster for Kids by Palace Learning

Periodic Table of Elements Poster for Kids - Laminated - 2020 Science & Chemistry Chart for Classroom - Double Sided (18 x 24)

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Palace Learning has really knocked it out of the park with this fun and attractive periodic table for children. This poster is very highly regarded and very popular amongst teachers.

It has the full set of elements, it is designed in a range of lovely colors and each element has its own picture to show the way the element is used in real life. Imagery like this is proven to help children recall language easier than simply with words.

This poster is laminated to a high standard and will be long-lasting as well as tear-resistant. The size is just right for the nursery or bedroom at 18 x 24 inches.

3. Dry Erase Periodic Table Poster by Apex Campus

Dry Erase Periodic Table Poster, Periodic Table of Elements Poster

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This periodic table poster is aimed at young learners and you can see straight away that it has a very attractive and fun looking design. Its main feature is that not only does it have the full range of elements, it is colorful and has pictures to represent each element, and it is also a dry erase board.

This lets children draw and make notes on it and you can simply wipe away and start again with no damage. You even get a marker pen and eraser included in the package. You also get a lot for your money, as it measures a large 48×36”.

4. Periodic Table of Elements Poster By Motivation Without Borders

Periodic Table of Elements Poster (Periodic Table Display) Science posters for kids classroom & home -18 x 24 (Non Laminated)

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This poster by Motivation Without Borders is classy for a few reasons. Firstly, it is two-sided and shows two different levels of information on each of the elements. One side has bright colors and has images to represent each one,  ideal for young learners.

The other has a more detailed insight into the elements with a descriptive paragraph for each. This side has descriptions of atoms and elements too, just for good measure. This makes the value very good as you can use it all through your child’s progression in education.

In addition, it is printed on a tough poster board making it long-lasting, and it measures 24 x 18”.

5. Laminated Illustrated Periodic Table of the Elements Educational Chart Poster

Laminated Illustrated Periodic Table of the Elements Educational Chart Poster Print, 36x24

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This poster is great because it is fully illustrated and comes in a gorgeous looking design on a black space-like background. This is different from a lot of other styles that use white, giving it a cooler tone that would make it ideal for a bedroom wall.

The illustrations are high quality and show the element or even the scientist who discovered/made the element. This adds an extra layer of learning to the poster.

It features all 118 currently discovered elements as well as extra diagrams and charts. It is expertly laminated to prevent tears and damage and will certainly last the course.

6. American Educational 4 Color Periodic Table Wall Chart

American Educational 4 Color Periodic Table Wall Chart 49-1/2' Length x 38' Width Now includes elements up to UUO118

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This poster from American Educational is printed using four colors only and is aimed at older students. Different elemental groups are color-coded here and its focused simplicity makes it visible from all angles of the room.

This chart is very large as well, measuring 49” x 38” so you will need a fair amount of wall space to hang it. It contains all 118 elements and is fully up to date. It is durable and made of high-quality materials in the USA.

7. Life Chem Periodic Table of Elements Plastic Folder

LiFe Chem 2021 Periodic Table of Elements Plastic Folder, Three Themes, Classical, Macaron, and Earth Theme, Double-sided Design, A4 size (Set of 6)

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Something slightly different now, as this poster comes in a set with three different themes, classical, macaron and Earth. This makes this pack very versatile and handy for a large variety of situations.

The posters are A4 size so they can be transported easily too and from school, as well as being available to be put on the wall if needed. They are laminated by professionals and will withstand all this use easily.

On the back of the posters, you will find a handy index of elements in list form for easy study. You also get two of each style, so no need to worry if one gets damaged.

8. Laminated Periodic Table of Elements Science Poster

Laminated Periodic Table of Elements Science Poster with State Status and Modern Uses Entities for Home & Classroom (18” x 24”)

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This poster is the best periodic table poster for very young learners and you can instantly see why. It is designed using bright and vivid colors as well as having pictures to represent each of the elements. Every inch of this poster is used to illustrate interesting and useful information.

It is printed on high-quality paper, is well laminated and uses nontoxic high gloss ink, so it is totally safe.  This product is perfect for learning at home or at school as it presents all the right information for children in an attractive way without dumbing anything down and oversimplifying things.

9. Chalkboard Periodic Table of Elements Educational Chart

Chalkboard Periodic Table of Elements Educational Chart Cool Huge Large Giant Poster Art 54x36

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This poster is very unique in its design as it has been made to look like a school chalkboard of yesteryear. If you’re looking for a periodic table poster that only shows the key information without being too cluttered, then this is the one for you.

The elements are presented in bright white and look great against the black background. Made using a satin finish paper, it would fit right in on a wall in your house. It is also huge in size and measures 54” x 36” so be prepared. We love the old fashioned look of this one!

10. Riley Creative Solutions Periodic Table of Elements

Riley Creative Solutions  Periodic Table of Elements | Chemistry Science Teacher Classroom Chart Poster (3 Sizes) (16' x20)

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Another poster with vintage elements, it would really stand out in a classroom and is perfect for teachers. The poster is printed on a high-quality matte paper with a cool looking aged style background. This poster would look even better framed and is almost a piece of art, while still being educational.

This item is made solely in the USA and you get a fantastic money-back guarantee if anything is not to your liking. Just because it is vintage does not mean that it doesn’t have all the up to date elements, here you will find the full lot.

How to Buy the Best Periodic Table Poster

The periodic table demystified – The periodic table, also known as the periodic table of elements, is a display of all the chemical elements currently known to man. The elements are arranged by atomic number, electron configuration, and any common chemical properties.

The table layout also helps visualize periodic patterns. The table has 7 rows, called periods and 18 columns, called groups. The elements in each group share similar chemical behaviors. There are currently 188 elements in total, most of them naturally occurring but some, numbers 95 to 118, have been manufactured in the lab.

The layout of the table is mainly used to show relationships between the different elemental properties and as a way to predict the properties and behaviors of newly discovered elements.

There are a few important things to look out for when considering buying a periodic table poster.

Size – First amongst them is the size of the poster that would be best suited to your needs. If you are going to use it for a bedroom wall, then smaller posters would be more practical, the larger sizes best suited to classrooms where students sit much further away.

Sizes can range from 20” length to upwards of 50”. Be sure to double-check you have the wall space for whatever size you chose.

Materials – Also of importance is the material that the poster is made of. The most common style is a quality laminated paper. This is lightweight, bendy and can be annotated by students or teachers and wiped clean after.

It is tear-proof too, so good for children that play rough. As the posters get larger, rugged vinyl material is often used. This can be quite a bit heavier and may need nails to attach to the wall securely.

Design – Each poster is designed differently and as such, they are all suited to different ages and levels of learning. You will see that the posters for young children are bright and colorful, often with pictures to represent each element, they are also laminated and can be drawn on.

This makes them attractive and holds their attention better. Other posters are monochrome and only have the key scientific information for each element.

These are the best periodic table posters for older learners and teachers. Some even have retro stylings to look cool on your wall and fit in with home decor better.

Best Periodic Table Poster – FAQ

What is the best way to attach the posters to the wall at home?

We suggest that you should always make sure that you don’t damage your walls at home when attaching posters, especially in rented accommodation.

There are many not permitted hanging tapes available that are strong enough to hold a poster and fully removable afterward. Try to stay away from sticky tack though, it will leave marks.

How do I know if the poster is up to date?

If the poster is up to date, it will have 188 elements on it and this will probably be stated in the description. Make sure you check this before you buy it.

Is it possible to frame a periodic table poster?

Absolutely! Most posters made from paper can be framed, as long as you make sure the size of the frame fits the size of the posters. Posters that are laminated won’t work so well because of the reflections that are accentuated by the glass of the frame.

Also, giant posters are best left out of a frame due to logistical reasons like hanging and the cost of the frame.

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