Best Pocket Microscope

Best Pocket Microscope

The benefit of owning a pocket microscope is that you can take it anywhere with you. Despite being small, these portable microscopes enable students and scientists alike to explore indoor and outdoor objects in great detail.

Many of these microscopes will operate using natural light while others are digitalized. Microscopes with a USB cord enable you to view objects close up that may be too big to be examined on a microscope slide.

The microscopes listed offer a range of features for a range of budgets. What the products all have in common is that they are small enough to fit in your pocket and can thus be carried anywhere.

Best Pocket Microscope of 2020

1. Jiusion WiFi USB Digital Microscope HD

Jiusion WiFi USB Digital Microscope 50 to 1000x Wireless Magnification Endoscope 8 LED Mini HD Camera with Updated Stand Portable Case, Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Mac Windows Linux

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This digital microscope from Juiusion is about the size of a digital camera. It enables users to examine all kinds of objects close up using a magnifying camera.

The HD camera is compatible with phones, tablets, and Windows. It works wirelessly with an iPhone or Android so that you can examine the micro details of objects live on your screen with no lag.

The focus can be adjusted to 2MP but the product is designed to zoom in on wide angles. This makes it a great choice if you plan on examining objects that do not fit on a microscope slide like circuit boards or skin.

As the Jiusion utilizes a digital camera, you can take closeup videos of your examination. It boasts 50 to 1,000x magnification.

This is a versatile microscope that offers maneuverability, portability, and clear magnification. 

2. Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

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The Carson MicroBite Pocket Microscope offers different features at a far more affordable price. For under $20, the microscope boasts a powerful 60-120x magnification range.

It is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it a conveniently portable product. The LED light is powered by battery, so no WiFi or USB is needed. The lens itself is an ‘aspheric lens’ which produces a sharper and distortion-free image.

To top it all off, this product is back by Carson’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. In terms of value for money, this is definitely up there with the best pocket microscopes available on the market.

3. SKYBASIC Wireless Digital Microscope

Wireless Digital Microscope, Skybasic Mini Pocket Handheld WiFi USB 50x to 1000x Magnification Microscope Camera 8 LED HD 1080P Compatible with Android Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, Windows Mac-Black

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The Skybasic digital pocket microscope is a more affordable option if you are looking for a device you can connect with your mobile phone.

The microscope wirelessly streams live footage of an object with up to 1000x magnification. It can also live stream objects up to 33ft away. The HD camera and LED light provide optimal clarity and detail.

The product is lightweight and is small enough to fit in your pocket. This is a great product for learning and examining on the go.

4. Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand

Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification)

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This pocket microscope from Plugable uses a webcam chipset that supports nearly any operating system. It offers up to 250x magnification and features an LED halo light with brightness adjustment control.

This is perfect for examining objects like coins where you may want to reduce glare. The flexible arm stand enables the user to examine the object at any angle.

With the downloadable companion software, you can create time-lapse videos of your microscopic examination.

5. STPCTOU Wireless Digital Microscope 50X-1000X 1080P

STPCTOU Wireless Digital Microscope 50X-1000X 1080P Handheld Portable Mini WiFi USB Microscope Camera with 8 LED Lights for iPhone/iPad/Smartphone/Tablet/PC

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The STPCTOU is another wireless digital microscope that folds up like a pen to fit in your pocket. The 1000X magnification zoom enables you to capture close-up images of the objects and creatures you are inspecting.

To use this product, you will need to download an app but once you have the app and connect to the WiFi, you are good to go. The adjustable LED light is handy for adjusting the lighting and maximizing image quality.

The microscope has a 3-hour battery life and is fully rechargeable. This is a reliable microscope for students and testers alike.

6. Wireless Digital Microscope, ROTEK 50x and1000x Microscope

Wireless Digital Microscope, ROTEK 50x and1000x Microscope Magnification with HD 1080P 2MP Camera, Mini Pocket Handheld Microscope Camera with Light Compatible for iPhone Android, iPad Windows Mac

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The Rotex upgraded digital microscope is a nifty product that folds up to fit in your pocket. You can take it anywhere and record your microscopic moments using the 2.0 MP HD camera.

The zoom goes up to 1000x and there are 8 adjustable LED lights. In addition to receiving the microscope, this product comes with a metal stand, holder, charging cable and 12-month warranty.

This microscope is a good choice if you plan on using the camera with a range of different digital products. All you need is WiFi and it can be set up with almost any operating system.

7. SE 30x LED-Illuminated Pocket Microscope with Focus Wheel

SE 30x LED-Illuminated Pocket Microscope with Focus Wheel - MW10084

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This microscope is a simple and affordable battery-operated product. It is compact and weighs just 1.6 ounces, making it the ideal microscope for bringing on school trips or camping adventures.

The LED light is adjustable and can be used as a flashlight too. The lens magnifies up to 30x so the finest details can be examined.

For a product under $20, the pocket microscope is a great stocking filler for curious children or scientific-minded adults.

8. KINGMAS Mini 60x Microscope Magnifying with LED UV Light

KINGMAS Mini 60x Microscope Magnifying with LED Light Pocket Jewelry Magnifier Jeweler Loupe with 10X Folding Pocket Magnifier

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The Kingmas mini microscope folds up into a pocket-sized pouch. This is a great product for industrial purposes. It is cheap, portable, and comes with a bright LED light.

The 60X magnifying glass is excellent for focusing on microscopic detailing on objects like circuit boards or coins. It is particularly handy for jewelry appraisal as it fits in your pocket and can be used like an eyepiece.

The only con is that lithium metal batteries are required and these can be tricky to get hold of if you do not have any at home.

9. 45x Magnification Mini Microscope Magnifier

45x Magnification Mini Microscope Magnifier with 2 LED Light Pockets Jeweler Jeweler's Jewelry Microscope Magnifying Adjustable Eye Loupe

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This product by Emart is similar to the previous product only it has a slightly lower magnifying power.

As with the Kingmas microscope, it comes with a faux leather pouch for protection and easy transportation. It comes with an LED light and is great for appraisal, education, and industrial purposes.

Although the magnifying power is slightly lower, batteries are included with this product which saves tracking them down. 

10. Hydrofarm AEM40 Active Eye, 40x Magnification Microscope

Hydrofarm AEM40 Active Eye, 40x Magnification Microscope, White

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The Hydrofarm microscope measures less than six inches in height and 3 inches in width. It has the aesthetic of a miniature microscope and folds up nicely to fit in your pocket.

The 40x magnification makes it a suitable product for examining pests or plant species. The LED bulb is super bright and provides optimal illumination.

The product is powered by 2 AA batteries which are included along with a case for transportation.

How to Buy the Best Pocket Microscope

Pocket microscopes were created for examining detail on the go. They fold up to fit in your pocket and are designed to be hand-held rather than fixed in place on a solid base.

They are great gifts for young children with curious minds but can also be a great tool for testers, appraisers, and industrial workers. The use you plan to get out of your pocket microscope will determine which product is best for you.

If you are choosing a gift for a child, models with rubberized eyepieces are ideal for comfort and safety. Models with no moving parts or adjustable modes are great for young children looking to get up close with creepy crawlies and plant life.

If you are looking for an industrial tool, magnifying power and the addition of an LED light are going to be more significant. An adjustable light enables you to illuminate the objects you are examining and minimize glare.

Magnifying power should ideally be at least 30X but for professional use, it is often the case that the higher the magnification, the better.

Digital microscopes that integrate computer software allow images to be sent directly to the computer for further analysis. This is an excellent way to keep a record of microscopic work and zoom in on specific details in live time and playback mode.

If you have a slightly higher budget, a digital microscope is a good investment. If you have specific uses in mind for your tool, however, it may be the case that an inexpensive battery-powered pocket microscope will do the trick.

Best Pocket Microscope – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pocket microscope used for?

The pocket microscope is used for scientific exploration on the go. They are miniature microscopes that fit in your pocket so they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. They come in a range of models, some of which are designed with children in mind, others of which are designed for industry use.

What is a decent magnification range for a pocket microscope?

At 20x magnification, you can examine objects on a scale that is 20 times larger than usual. At 1000x magnification, you can examine detail from as little as 180 microns.

For casual observation, a product that offers between 60x and 100x magnification should suffice. For fieldwork, the higher the magnification, the better up until about 1000x. Anything above this is generally considered unnecessary.

What are the pros and cons of choosing a digital microscope over a battery-powered one?

Digital microscopes typically allow the user to record their examination and upload these recordings to electronic devices using WiFi or a USB. If you plan to analyze your findings further, a digital microscope will provide the means for you to do so.

The downside is that these products often require an app and are not always compatible with all electronic devices.

At what magnification can you see bacteria?

If you want to examine tiny objects like bacteria, you will need a magnification of at least 400x. This is difficult to see as they are so small. A microscope with a magnification of 1000x is your best choice if you are planning on examining bacteria.

Can I get a pocket microscope that requires no battery or USB?

Although they are not listed here, it is possible to find pocket microscopes that do not require any electronic power. These microscopes are not digitalized and will not have the addition of an LED light.

This may be convenient if you prefer to avoid battery-powered products, but it may limit your microscopic examination if you cannot illuminate the object.

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